Drop/Add Process  

Students must first click the “Enroll Me” button in their WesPortal before they will be permitted to participate in drop/add.

For assistance with drop/add, please review our Video Guide to Drop/Add. You’re also welcome to send an email directly to Karri Van Blarcom, Senior Associate Registrar. Also, review the Drop/Add Frequently Asked Questions.

Drop/Add Request Limit to Unranked Requests

  • In addition to the ranked drop/add requests submitted during pre-registration, students will now be able to submit a max of six unranked course requests. (Students can submit multiple sections of one course.)
  • Once a student reaches the limit of six, the “Add to My Courses” button no longer appears for courses in Drop/Add. An outstanding request will need to be canceled to submit an additional request.

Schedule Confirmation Available on the First Day of Drop/Add

  • Students can confirm their schedules during the drop/add period. 
    • Once a schedule is confirmed:
      • no additional requests can be submitted,
      • any pending requests can no longer be approved by the professors, and
      • enrolled courses cannot be dropped.
    • If additional changes are required, a student can un-confirm their schedule.
    • These changes are dynamic.
  • If a student has reached the maximum number of drop/add requests and/or has confirmed their schedule, the student can still:
    • submit tutorial requests
    • cancel requests
    • change cross-listing
    • change grading mode
    • change GenEd designation