Important Dates & Deadlines

Below are important dates and deadlines, please review this information and closely monitor upcoming deadlines. Deadlines are firm, so please be mindful of them and stop by my office hours if you have any quick questions.  

The Drop/Add deadline is September 16, which is the end of enrollment. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of  3.00 credits to be full-time, but 4.00 credits are generally recommended to stay on pace. September 16 is the last day to add a class with instructor authorizationIt is also very important to know that Sept. 16 is the last day to Drop a class unrecorded.  Classes discontinued between Sept. 17 and Dec. 2 may be withdrawn through the withdrawal process. The is no GPA penalty for withdrawing from a course, but a “W” will be reflected on transcripts. 

If you have any questions about dates/deadlines, policies, or procedures, please stop by my office hours or schedule an appointment using my online calendar. I am happy to help.  

Dean Guerrero  


Important Dates and Deadlines 

Sept. 14, Click “Enroll Me” button and clear any action items by 5:00 pm

Sept. 16, Drop/Add enrollment ends, last day to drop a class unrecorded  

Sept. 30, Grading Mode Change deadline at 5:00 pm

Oct. 14, Withdrawal Deadline for 1st quarter classes only 

Oct. 21, 1st Quarter classes end  

Oct. 22 – 25, Fall Break  

Oct. 26, 2nd Quarter classes begin  

Nov. 1, Planning period begins 

Nov. 4 – 6, Homecoming/Family Weekend  

Nov. 14, Planning period ends  

Nov. 15, Scheduling period 

Nov. 16, Adjustment period begins  

Nov. 21, Adjustment period ends 

Nov. 23 – 27, Thanksgiving Break  

Dec. 2, Withdrawal Deadline – Semester and 2nd Quarter Classes  

Dec. 9, Last day of classes  

Dec. 10 – 13, Reading period starts on the 10th and ends at 5:00 pm EST on the 13th 

Dec. 13 – 17, Final exams begin on the 13th at 7:00 pm EST and end on the 17th at 5:00 pm  

Dec. 18, Housing closes at 12:00 pm