Dance Capstone Project

Are you interested in helping a Senior with their capstone project? Check out the information below for an opportunity to be part of this Senior Capstone!

This projects examines dance’s role in activism and community cohesion through flash mob choreography. I hope to challenge societal norms and foster dialogue on campus while bridging divides among students, faculty, and staff. If you would like to be a part of this (you should!), please reach out to me ( / +1(732)939-2022) as soon as possible – preferably this week.

Students can get 0.25 credit for their time (yay!) if you enroll in DANC 435. It will be a super fun and low commitment experience!! Feel free to recruit your friends, favorite professors, and the amazing people that work on this campus 🙂 NO dance experience necessary… this is open to everyone!!